McCourtys: Cam Newton will fit in just fine with Patriots

Rob Bradford
June 29, 2020 - 9:28 am

Cam Newton isn't Tom Brady. He isn't Jarrett Stidham. And he isn't Brian Hoyer.

Whether it's the way he plays, the 31-year-old's outgoing personality, his previous accomplishments or the always-talked-about postgame attire, Newton is unique unto himself. According to Patriots defensive backs Devin and Jason McCourty that will be just fine.

Appearing on the "Double Coverage Podcast," the twin brothers explained why the culture in the Patriots' locker room is one that will be a good fit for Newton, who has agreed to a one-year deal with New England.

"I always remember Bill (Belichick) saying this every year: ‘Your role will be decided by you.’ I don’t think he will have a role coming in other than just being himself," Devin explained. "Obviously he has won MVP. He has been to the Super Bowl. With that, he will come with life experience, NFL experience. But I think everyone, not just in the quarterback room, but everyone on the team can benefit from him and I think that comes from him just being who he is. But as far as the role in the offense, I think that will be dictated by his play, but the offense’s play. How that works out, no one knows that right now. I think that will all be decided once training camp starts and once we get out there. I think one of the things he will be able to bring just being himself.

"From the outside looking in people are always like, ‘This guy ….’ - we spoke about this weeks ago on the podcast when it first was like Patriots are signing him. Guys come to our team and they are who they are. Martellus Bennett has one of the biggest personalities you ever have on a guy and he fit in on our team better than anybody. … I think the big thing for us as veteran guys, guys who are on the team, encourage him, the Adrian Phillips, the Codys (Cody Davis), down the list of guys, the (Dan) Vitates, all the new guys that came to just be themselves. That helps our team more than anything."

Added Jason, "Bill always says: ‘The goal for any good team is to have as many good players as possible.’ Cam Newton is a former MVP of this league. Played in the Super Bowl, that caliber of a player. The better players we have in our locker room, the better we are going to be able to perform as a team."

As for how the offense will be constructed for Newton, Devin explained the confidence they all have that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will figure out a way to make it work.

"You can’t expect a guy to come being the type of football player he has been without being himself," the safety said of Newton. "Offensively, I always leave it up to my man Josh. I think if you watch Cam Newton throughout his career he has been a guy who can throw the ball in the pocket. He’s a guy who can run around. Whether it’s him or Stiddy (Jarrett Stidham), because Stiddy has good athleticism too, I think Josh will figure it out do what is best at the quarterback position like he has done whether it’s with Jimmy G (Garoppolo) in there or Jacoby Brissett. He always finds a way to get the best out of the quarterback position. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out."