Michael Chavis recalls getting dunked on by Jaylen Brown

Rob Bradford
February 15, 2020 - 8:34 am

Michael Chavis was introduced to Jaylen Brown well before most.

Appearing on the Greg Hill Show, the Red Sox infielder recounted his run-in with the Celtics star when both were playing high school basketball in Georgia. Chavis was just a part-time player for Sprayberry High, but Brown's reputation while playing for nearby Wheeler (Marietta) High was already well-known throughout the country.

Let's just say the introduction left a mark.

"That is traumatic," said Chavis when asked to explain the meeting.

"Basically, they ran their entire offense around Jaylen, obviously, and we practiced for a week preparing for this game and the big play they had was an alley-oop play around him. And for some reason, I was the sixth man and I saw the alley-oop go up and for some reason I was like, ‘That’s definitely an air-ball. That is not an alley-oop.’ So I decided at 5-foot-11 and not built for the game I was going to jump for it and right as I was four inches from the ball I felt this large presence hitting me in the face and dunking on me and I’m laying face up on the ground looking up at Jaylen Brown standing above me. My home team stadium is cheering for him while I’m on the ground. I get pulled immediately and I didn’t play the rest of the season. So shout out to Jaylen."

Chavis said that despite now playing in the same city he hasn't had the chance to meet up with Brown. "I'm mad at him," he joked.