Mike Florio on M&C: Win or lose, Gronk is done

Rob Bradford
January 31, 2019 - 9:26 am

ATLANTA -- Last year, prior to the Super Bowl, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio was one of the first to surface the notion of Rob Gronkowski retiring if the Patriots win.

Thursday, Florio offered this year's prediction on Mut & Callahan.

He thinks this time the decision won't come down to a win or a loss.

"I think win or lose he's done," Florio said of Gronkowski. "I think he's got family members hounding him to get out of that pit where he's constantly facing the risk of more concussions. I think that's the thing that's the big family concern."

Meeting with the media Wednesday, Gronkowski only offered jokes when asked about a possible retirement, saying, "Yes, no, maybe so. Have to consider everything after each season."

He did go on to talk about the physical toll playing has taken on his body. To read those comments, click here.

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