Clay Buchholz

MLB warns Clay Buchholz for pace of play ... in the batter's box

Rob Bradford
April 10, 2015 - 2:07 pm

NEW YORK -- Many were wondering if the new pace of play regulations were going to hit Clay Buchholz this season. Well, this week the pitcher got his warning letter. Except it wasn't exactly what he was expecting. "It said pace of play so I thought it was about me pitching," said Buchholz of his Opening Day start against the Phillies Monday. "I was a little freaked out about it because I thought I was going pretty quick, and I don'€™t know if I can go any quicker than that. The first at-bat I guess I stepped out of the box." Buchholz was one of five Red Sox hitters to receive warnings from Major League Baseball regarding stepping out of the batter's box after a pitch that hadn't resulted in a swing. The Red Sox pitcher was evidently one of 10 major leaguers to receive warnings after MLB's initial round of games. Buchholz said he believes he has narrowed down when the infraction occurred. "It was probably the first pitch because it the first pitch I'€™ve seen live in two years," he said. One Red Sox hitter who did not receive a warning was David Ortiz, who very publicly complained about the batters box rule early on in spring training. "Buchholz got a letter before me. You believe that? He's got a letter," Ortiz said. "'Hey, buddy, you're walking out of the box. What's wrong with you?'" MLB will distribute warnings for the first month of the season before beginning to implement a fine system.