Rusney Castillo just before taking batting practice. ( photo)

Morning Fort: Red Sox' story being defined by boxing, yoga

Rob Bradford
February 17, 2015 - 5:25 am

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Another day at JetBlue Park, another wave of players. Pablo Sandoval, who has been in camp sporadically in between working out in Miami, just stepped into the batting cage with Hanley Ramirez, Rusney Castillo, Jackie Bradley, Mookie Betts, Mike Napoli and Deven Marrero. It was interesting to see Ramirez's routine upon joining his teammates, immediately going to grab some boxing gloves before spending some time on the heavy bag. The bag is a fixture just outside the cages, so this would appear to be a regular thing. Update: Ramirez said the workout is something he did back in 2013, skipping last year after suffering broken ribs. It's a routine he plans on continuing, hence the installation of the bag. -- Speaking of alternative athletic endeavors, newcomer Robbie Ross Jr. told an interesting story regarding how he found out about his trade. "I was actually going into Yoga," Ross said. "I was literally walking into Yoga. We had just gone into do one of the poses to get loose, and then, boom, it was [Rangers general manager] Jon Daniels on the phone. It was with me and my stuff was just sitting there. So I went over and grabbed it." While Ross called it a day when it came to his Yoga that time around, his wife, Brittany, found it a perfect setting to digest the family's life-altering news. "For her to find out then was a lot less stressful," Ross said. "I leaned in and said, '€˜Hey, I got traded.'€™ She leaned out for a second and then went back in. It was good because she was in her peaceful setting. -- Castillo seemingly has a few more muscles, along with a slightly altered hair color. -- Speaking to some folks about the Boston Globe item regarding a potential power struggle between Red Sox president Larry Lucchino and Red Sox owner Mike Gordon. One thing to keep in mind is that Gordon is actually already above Lucchino in the organization's power structure. Gordon also isn't the type who immerses himself in player evaluation, as Lucchino has done from time to time. The owner helps oversee a variety of the organization's properties, not seemingly having much interest in the some of the responsibilities Lucchino currently is involved with. The true story might be simply if Lucchino is contemplating moving on. -- To Joe Kelly's credit, he isn't backing off his Cy Young prediction. "Everybody has is in them," he said. "You just have to have a little luck and a little skill and it can happen. It'€™s not my main focus. My main focus is to throw 200 innings and you'€™re going to be in that running. It all starts with innings." -- As much as highly-coveted Cuban 19-year-old infielder Yoan Moncada wants to sign and get to a team, it doesn't appear as though the timetable set by his representation, David Hastings, will play out exactly as planned. Hastings had told that he had hoped to get something done for Moncada by Wednesday.