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The name game: Alex Cora's newest influence

Rob Bradford
December 27, 2018 - 9:14 pm

Praise and adulation aren't difficult to find when you're the manager of a World Series winner. But this was a next-level tip of the chapeau.

Meet Cora Ruth Trunfio.

This story starts with two passionate Red Sox fans and is punctuated at 2:41 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 23.

"We both grew up in families that closely followed Boston sports, but especially the Red Sox," explained Joel Trunfio. "I've been an obsessive fan as long as I can remember and thanks to DVR and a loving wife, I rarely miss a Sox game. Kerry doesn't get as into regular season games as she does for playoff games, but she enjoys following the players on Instagram and knowing about their personal lives.

"When I found out Alex Cora had been hired as manager I was pumped because I knew he would be able to connect with the players while also using the analytics department. I also thought Kerry would enjoy his personality and find him entertaining. She thinks Alex Cora seems like a really nice guy who prioritizes his family and cares for others, specifically with his advocacy of Puerto Rico."

All good stuff, but nothing new for a fan base that just soaked in 108 regular season wins.

But then came the Trunfio's opportunity to separate themselves.

"When we found out we were having a girl back in July we started thinking about names," Joel said. "As a joke, I started suggesting players' names like Mookie, Mitch, Rafael, etc. I then said, "What about Cora?" And to my surprise, Kerry said she actually really liked the sound of that. We sat on it for a while and thought about other names over the following months, but kept coming back to Cora."

As the season rolled along, the name continued to set in. There were other considerations, such as Jackie but the couple had already given their cat the moniker back in 2012 in honor of both Jackie Robinson and Jackie Bradley Jr. There was also the passing thought that the name should be something relating to Christmas -- such as Noel or Holly -- because of the proximity of the due date, but that didn't stick.

Cora did.

"We kept the name a secret from everyone until she was born," Joel said. "No one was surprised that her name has a Red Sox connection, but everyone has loved the name, or at least that's what they've told us. After we both decided on the name, we did find out that there were two Coras in my family history."

And while first glance would suggest the 8-pound, 1-ounce newborn's middle name was also baseball-related that is the case. "Ruth" comes from Kerry Trunfio's favorite book in the bible. But there is still no doubt that Young Trunfia has been born into baseball, with her name and Red Sox-themed baby pictures serving as easy reminders.

"Everyone has remarked at how long her fingers are," Joel said, "so I'm hoping she has a good changeup."

Photo courtesy Joel Trunfia


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