Nickell Robey-Coleman walks back Tom Brady comments in bizarre fashion

Rob Bradford
January 28, 2019 - 10:48 pm

ATLANTA -- Nickell Robey-Coleman's comments to Bleacher Report were just what the Patriots ordered. They reeked of bulletin board material.

But Monday might the Rams cornerback did his best to try to rip the words down off the wall.

Robey-Coleman was besieged by the media at Super Bowl Opening Night despite the fact he wasn't one of the 10 Los Angeles players assigned a podium. Why? Because he had gone on record to question Tom Brady's effectiveness at such an advanced age. This coming just days after the defensive back had been embroiled in controversy for getting away with what should have been the pass interference call that sent the Saints to the Super Bowl.

Robey-Coleman was ready. Question after question came his way, with the answers based on the idea that he had been taken out context. This was his story about the story and he was sticking to it.

"I’ve got nothing but respect for their team so it was just something that was taken out of context so that’s what I did today, I cleaned up the air from all the rumors and how the story was created," he said, adding, "Me talking about his age was taken out of context."

Robey-Coleman amazingly even attempted to try to turn himself into the victim.

"I think Tom Brady is a great quarterback," he said. "We know that he has a lot of championships. We know that he has a lot of accolades. He’s a Hall of Famer. But what’s different about Tom Brady is he puts his teammates in the right position to make plays. That’s why he’s Tom Brady. That’s why he’s great. That’s why we respect him. He doesn’t just play football. He’s looking at defenses. He knows how to read coverages. He knows how to give you different looks. He knows how to create motion to make you see different things. So you have to understand is I could never talk about somebody that is like the sensei of football. You can’t talk about a sensei of football. There’s a respect level. At this point, I feel a little disrespected that people think I would disrespect Tom Brady. I’ve got nothing but respect. I’m a class act when it comes to that."

The former Buffalo Bill knew all of this was coming, which was why he spent the day talking to the powers that be in the Rams organization, including head coach Sean McVay and his the cornerback's teammates.

"He was just like, 'Robe I know you’re a different guy, you’re not that type of guy. You have way more class than that,'" Robey-Coleman said of his conversation with McVay. "He was just like, ‘Just answer the questions tonight and move on from tonight.’"

"He said a lot of things. But whatever writer it was he decided to write one sentence," said fellow Rams defensive back Aqib Talib. "He was just reaching for his story and he found it."

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So, how did Robey-Coleman feel he managed his one-hour under the media spotlight? Sticking with a weeklong theme, the player felt like there weren't any missteps.

"It’s really how you look at it. To the average person, yeah it’s a big distraction. But to us we already knew what we were facing," he said. "We knew what we were coming into already. Tonight is not a surprise. We knew this was going to happen as far as media. We’re just doing our job. It’s another day at the office. We answer the questions. Cleared up the air. I talked to my coach and I talked to the organization and they just told to just be your best self and that’s what I’m doing right now.

"I feel like I handled it well today. I had a couple of pressure questions but for the most part I feel like I came in, I cleared the air I answered the questions that needed to be answered. I’m still prepared. I’m still prepared for the game. I’m still focused for the game. I’m just happy to enjoy the experience with my teammates and I’m just enjoying this process with you all right now."

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