Nothing says Christmas like a tattoo on your head

Rob Bradford
December 17, 2008 - 2:35 am

Ever since our own (and FoxSports) Jeff Goodman reported the Celtics are one of five teams showing interest in embattled point guard Stephon Marbury (has embattled had a better fit?) I've been fascinated by his existence. Evidently he was in LA last night, whipping off some quotes at halftime of the Knicks/Lakers game, one of which was ...

" .... I've got the greatest job in the world."
You think? Sitting around on $22 million is certainly better than ostrich egg hunter (the mothers tend to get more ornery than most).  Oh, but Marbury isn't all about free rides -- he did buy a ticket to attend the game after being banned from the bench by the Knicks. (What a warrior. Anything to cheer on his teammates.) Tom Brady is still alive ... we have proof. Steve Dillard will forever be known as that player you got in every pack of baseball cards ... and as the man who returned to Quad Cities for 2009. He was also taken in the second round by the Red Sox in 1972, two picks before Royals starter Dennis Leonard, and seven selections ahead of Pirates ace John Candelaria. The Sox first round pick that year? A shortstop named Joel Bishop. Times are tough economically ... for everybody but  Jones Big Ass Truck and Rental Storage. (The best line from Toby Jones, Junk Specialist, was "The fact of the matter is that I'm pretty drunk right now ..."