One year later, David Ortiz has no regrets about White House selfie

Rob Bradford
April 23, 2015 - 5:12 pm
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- With all the fun and frivolity that came with the Patriots trip to the White House Thursday (click here for photos), it reminded some in the Red Sox clubhouse of their trip to meet the President last April. That visit, of course, was defined by one photo: David Ortiz' selfie with President Barack Obama. At the time, the moment seemed like a fun piece of the Red Sox' championship celebration. But as time went on, the designated hitter came under some criticism with many insinuating that he was paid by Samsung to execute the photo. Ortiz insisted once again prior to Thursday night's game at Tropicana Field that wasn't the case, that this was simply a fan being a fan. "I had fun. The world we live in, it is what it is," said Ortiz of the post-selfie criticism. "Everything turns out to be news. I was simply taking a picture with him. Whenever somebody sees a celebrity, or sees me '€¦ They ask for a photo and I say, '€˜Fine.'€™ It turned out to be a big deal. I had no idea about anything that happened before, like with Ellen Degeneres. You can'€™t see people all doing the same thing. People love taking pictures. I love taking selfies. Now I'€™m the selfie master. ... I was very surprised (about all the attention)." Part of the fallout included senior White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer going on CBS's Face the Nation and saying the White House lawyers were looking into the possibility of the photo being part of a company promotion. Ortiz, however, said he was not contacted by the White House at any time regarding the matter. "Nobody said anything to me," the DH noted, saying the President was "super cool" with the whole experience. "I'€™ve got in on my phone. It was for me. I didn'€™t forward the picture to anybody. That was for me, personally. For David Ortiz." Ortiz still has the photo (which he says was his first-ever selfie) in his phone, although he recently added another self-portrait -- one with Tom Brady. "I was less nervous with Brady," he said. And, no, there were no reenactments of Ortiz' selfie with the President Thursday when the Patriots paid their visit. (Although some of the players weren't shy with their camera phones.)