Pokey, you will not be forgotten

Rob Bradford
August 18, 2008 - 7:53 am
Just wanted to let you know.  Thanks for all the suggestions and questions. While I'm in blackout driving over to Camden Yards, I think you should all direct your life-altering queries to our fantasy football writer, Kirk Minihane, who already seems to have quite a following. Drew Brees? I'm starting to doubt he did in fact get his masters from MIT in "The Art of Dominating Your Fantasy Football League."  Speaking of Kirk, he reminded me last night of when he did the fantasy football column for the Lowell Sun and a photographer was told to take a picture for the weekly piece. Once in the studio the photog asked Kirk where his Wizard's hat was. At least there was no request for a unicorn. Hmmm, fantasy. Just walked through the Inner Harbor through a sea of Red Sox gear. I like picking out the most obscure Red Sox t-shirt. This one wasn't even close -- Pokey Reese, No. 3.  I did see one Yankees hat and one rebellious little kid sitting in a huge family of Red Sox t-shirt-wearing fans rocking a "Jeter" Yankees t-shirt. Not enough naps when you're a youth will always comeback to haunt you.