The reason why you haven't seen Craig Breslow pitch yet

Rob Bradford
March 11, 2014 - 5:17 am

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Wondering why you haven'€™t seen Craig Breslow this spring? There is no injury, just caution. "€œI told them that to me it didn'€™t make sense to get ready and slow down,"€ Breslow said. "That doesn'€™t allow you to ease into things. For me it was kind of like, '€˜Let'€™s just throttle up at a slower pace as opposed to getting ready and backing off. To me, getting ready to pitch in a game March 1 means nothing to me. I have to do everything the same to get ready for that. So let'€™s get ready for a game on March 16, 17 or whatever it is that gives me two weeks to actually throttle up as opposed to having to do that in February and then have to slow down." Breslow'€™s first bullpen is Tuesday, with an eye on pitching in a game only when it feels right. A year ago, the lefty never pitched in a spring training game due to shoulder inflammation and ultimately it translated into perhaps his best season. The reliever finished '€™13 making 61 appearances, totaling a 1.81 ERA. He also served as a postseason standout, allowing two earned runs over 10 outings. "We'€™re just going slow because last year worked out really well. We have the luxury of doing that,"€ Breslow said. "We had set out the plan dating back to November. They said, '€˜We have these guys that have thrown a lot so we'€™re going to bring them along a little slower.'€™ I'€™ve told John [Farrell] that I don'€™t feel like I need a ton of game action. I just need to be able to go out and throw."