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Red Sox clubhouse reacts to Bradley Jr.'s amazing catch

Rob Bradford
July 29, 2018 - 5:22 pm

Getting reaction to great Jackie Bradley Jr. catches has become like the grabs themselves -- routine. This was evident by Alex Cora's analysis of the center fielder's spectacular catch in the third inning of what would be a 3-0 win for the Red Sox over the Twins.

"There’s been better," Cora said with a smile. "That’s the thing, I don’t know, was that a five-star on Statcast? I don’t know. He’s amazing. He’s amazing."

The catch off a Bobby Wilson blast into the left-center field gap was, in fact, a four-star catch on Statcast.

But with Bradley Jr. running the risk of ramming his head into the left fiedl wall, the effort left a signficiant impression on his teammates.

"Jackie made that play out there," said the Red Sox starting pitcher Nathan Eovaldi. "I hung a slider and I knew it was hit well and I saw him with his head down and he had a great route to make that play especially to lead off the inning was huge for me."

"That was pretty cool," noted J.D. Martinez. "I think if that wall wasn't there it would have made it look a lot easier but with the wall there it kind of shows the difficulty of that play. I mean, he's a great center fielder. Sometimes he gets credit but he doesn't get as much as he deserves almost."

"He's really good," said Red Sox left fielder Andrew Benintendi. "I was looking for the ricochet. I thought there was no shot. He knew where he was."

And as for the guy who made the catch?

"I think I take some calculated risks," Bradley Jr. said. "But I’m always very self-aware of my surroundings. I pride myself on knowing where the wall is. And knowing that I had enough room to make the play. ... I wasn’t too concerned. Self-awareness is key in the outfield, knowing the room you have. I was able to make it. I didn’t really think I would continue to keep rolling like that toward the wall. I hit it a lot harder than I thought I did. After looking at the replay I realized how hard I hit it."