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Red Sox could be targeting Monday for managerial hire

Rob Bradford
October 17, 2017 - 9:35 am

Consider this an educated guess.

The way the Red Sox are moving with their managerial search, along with Major League Baseball protocol, you might want to clear your calendar for Monday. Putting the pieces together, that date is starting to seem like the sweet spot for Dave Dombrowski announcing his new skipper.

The first piece of the equation is the Red Sox' front office moving in to interview its perceived front runners. Alex Cora was talked to in New York Sunday, while Brad Ausmus got his interview Monday. The Sox have already requestested permission to talk to Ron Gardenhire, who should be met with sooner rather than later. There might be another name or two added into the mix, but, by all accounts, the vibe given off by the Sox is that they are fairly narrowly focused.

Also to be considered is potential competition the Red Sox might face with other teams -- such Detroit, Philadelphia and the Mets -- when it comes to vying for the services of the same candidates. Cora is interviewing with the Mets Tuesday, with Gardenhire slated to meet with the Tigers in the coming days.

So, why Monday?

Well, it potentially represents the only off day between now and the start of the World Series. That could change depending on how the two respective championship series unfold, with the last scheduled LCS game slated for Sunday night if the Cubs and Dodgers go to a Game 7.

The reason this is pertinent is because of MLB guidelines when it comes to these sort of things. 

If a club has an announcement, it needs to request and receive permission from Major League Baseball regarding the right to issue it. MLB typically requests teams make the announcements on off days. It is almost unheard of to announce anything during the World Series, which starts Oct. 24 and could potentially run all the way until Nov. 1.

It is also unlikely the Red Sox would hold a press conference Saturday or Sunday, even if there were no LCS games.

While Cora appears to be at the top of the Red Sox' list, evidently the same can't be said for the Mets. According to the New York Daily News, the former utility infielder isn't considered high on New York's list. "Could he blow them away tomorrow? Sure," a source told the Daily News. "But I don’t think they see him as a fit going in." Of course, the tone coming from the Mets might be a bit of posturing considering how strongly Cora is being tied with the Red Sox, with multiple industry sources suggesting the fit is inevitable.

Prior to Game 3 of the ALCS, Houston manager A.J. Hinch had high praise for his bench coach.

"I knew Alex for a couple of years before getting a chance to work with him and had tried to recruit him to work a few years ago and he had other options," Hinch told the assembled media at Yankee Stadium. "To watch him develop relationships with the players, he's all about baseball. He's all about the competition and small advantages within the game, one of the brightest baseball intellects that I've been around. And to see him pass some of that on and transition from player to TV personality to coach, he's had a ton of impact.

"He challenges people. He challenges me. He's someone who's all about winning. And I think to watch our players respond to him, he's got a lot of respect in that clubhouse because of the work he puts in and the attention to detail that he brings. That's why he's the hottest managerial candidate on the planet and deservedly so."