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Red Sox talked to players about social media awareness

Rob Bradford
August 28, 2018 - 4:53 pm

The recent surfacing of J.D. Martinez's 2013 Instagram post using Adolf Hiter to get his a gun control message across may have started the conversation, but, according to Alex Cora, the topic of had already been on the Red Sox' radar.

"A month ago we mentioned it to the players," Cora said prior to his team's game against the Marlins Tuesday night. "We talked to the managers in the minor leagues about everything that is going on and where we’re at right now, as you know, people are going to start searching tweets from 10 years ago. I think players control their Twitter handles and Instagram and if it’s there people are going to find it and they have to be responsible enough to explain why they did it."

When asked about Martinez's post specifically, Cora was matter-of-fact in his analysis.

"He expressed a political view," the Red Sox manager said. "People use social media the way they want to. We talk to players and not on at the big league level but throughout the organization about the use of social media but at the end, they decided how to do it. He expressed that a few years ago and it’s kind of like the way I use mine to express a few things that I want to express. I’ll leave it at that."

Cora said while the topic has been broached with the Red Sox' major league team, it has been done so in an informal manner without any organized meetings.