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Eduardo Nunez dealing with hamstring, not knee

Rob Bradford
September 20, 2018 - 7:48 pm

NEW YORK -- At least it wasn't the knee.

That certainly was what ran through the Red Sox' minds when Eduardo Nunez took himself out of Wednesday night's game after legging out an infield single. They knew the problem was not balky right knee, but rather a tight left hamstring.

But until Alex Cora spoke prior to Thursday night's game, most everyone outside the organization believed the absence was due to the injury which had kept Nunez out of the lineup for the entire Mets series.

"He’s not playing this weekend most likely, I’m going to try to stay away from him," said Cora of Nunez. "So hopefully he’ll be back for the Baltimore series. One thing about Nuney and (trainer) Brad (Pearson) was talking about him last year when he came over from San Francisco, kind of like that was an issue throughout his career and he’s doing a better job as far as stretching and being stronger. He knows his body, especially with hammies, he knows when to push it and when not to. I just talked to him today and was like let’s stay away from you this weekend. I saw what happened last year, I saw it first hand, he swung the bat well, you saw it yesterday he squared a few balls. He made the error but then he made two great plays. That’s baseball there. But doesn’t need too many at-bats to keep his swing going it’s been very simple for the last month and a half. So we’ll make sure he gets at-bats before everything starts and he’ll be OK."

If Nunez is healthy heading into the postseason, he appears to be the favorite over Rafael Devers to get the majority of at-bats at third base.

"I mean, he’s been playing well," Cora said of Nunez. "We know that. His swing is very similar to what he did last year. Obviously Raffy (Rafael Devers) his at-bats are getting better. We’ll get there when we get there but we’re very comfortable with the three of them playing, honestly. Brock (Holt), he put another good at-bat yesterday. Raffy, the at-bats against deGrom were good. It seems like he’s not chasing up in the zone, which is good. He’ll be out there tonight against Tanaka, see how disciplined he is. With him, it’s all about being disciplined. If he stays in the zone we know the kind of damage he can do. We’re very comfortable with all three of them."