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Pedroia headed to Arizona to rehab knee

Rob Bradford
July 10, 2018 - 5:00 pm

Dustin Pedroia is not going to be returning to the Red Sox anytime soon.

That was the message given by manager Alex Cora prior to Tuesday night's game against the Rangers, passing along that the second baseman will start the new phase of his knee rehabilitation in Arizona. Pedroia will be working at the same facility he rehabbed his knee at throughout the offseason.

The goal, according to Cora, is to not only strengthen the knee, but the muscles around that area. Even an evaluation of Pedroia's running motion will be scrutinized in an attempt to get the 34-year-old back to a place where he can contribute again.

"We’d love him to be around here, but I think, for now, it’s better off from him to go there and disconnect a little bit from all this and just concentrate on himself," Cora said. "There are going to be a few adjustments on the rehab, hammy and core and glutes so I think that’s the best thing we can do right now. Like I said, you guy saw me talking with him yesterday during the game, he’s very important for what we’re trying to accomplish here but I think it’s time now for him to concentrate on that and if everything goes the way it should go, then whenever he comes back he comes back."

Cora did say the Red Sox expect Pedroia to return this season.

"Like I’ve been saying all along and it didn’t happen the first time, when he comes back, just stay healthy and play," Cora said. "We’re not going to put a timetable on this. We’ll take it day by day and go from there."

The new strategy comes after Pedroia's visit with Dr. Riley Williams in New York last week, during which time he a revamped plan of attack could be hatched.

"He’s learned good things about it," Cora said. "Like I said, it’s nothing structural, I think I mentioned yesterday it’s about making adjustments around the need and body wise that are going to help him or help the knee not to get upset. And he’s done his research. When we sit down he drops names like huge athletes like Kobe (Bryant) and (Rafael) Nadal and I’m like ‘Wow’. He’s doing his research. Obviously, he cares and he wants to contribute so I think he’s in a good place now. He goes with the family to Arizona, he’s around the family, he can take the kids to school and all that and take care of his business. Here it’s a little bit harder, we still have to get 25 guys ready to play on a daily basis, and he doesn’t like to be in the middle of that, that’s him. That’s the teammate he is. So we’ll do it that way and hopefully everything works out and he’ll be back with us.

Pedroia has played in just three games this season, not seeing action since May 29.