Joe Kelly

Red Sox injury updates: Joe Kelly biceps feeling better; Christian Vazquez dealing with elbow issue

Rob Bradford
March 17, 2015 - 6:30 am

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- So far, the Red Sox have gotten the news they were looking for in regards to Joe Kelly. The Sox starter, who left his outing Monday with stiffness in his right biceps, came to JetBlue Park feeling better. While it is still uncertain if Kelly will make his scheduled start Sunday, Tuesday's check-up suggested no MRI would be needed at the current time. "He comes in and feels improved over yesterday," Red Sox manager John Farrell said. "There'€™s still a little bit of soreness there but we'€™re going to get his arm moving with some light catch. He went through a full workup here today. There'€™s no imaging at this point recommended or required. So what this means in terms of his next turn is yet to be determined." Farrell added: "The next couple of days will determine where he'€™s going to be in terms of rotation. He'€™s scheduled to start on Sunday. We will get him off the mound prior to the next time he gets into a game. There will probably be a couple of days of some rest, some rehab and maybe some light throwing. If that extends him out the sixth day, that'€™s possible. But we'€™ll know more in the coming days." While Kelly's injury was for all to see, the one Christian Vazquez has been dealing with had been kept quiet until Farrell's media session Tuesday. Vazquez hasn't played since feeling some soreness in his throwing elbow after gunning down a baserunner in the Red Sox' meeting with the Yankees Friday night. The catcher did feel well enough to throw some Monday, but still isn't at the point where he is comfortable re-entering games. Vazquez will get at-bats on the Fenway South back fields in the coming days. "He'€™s got a little bit of soreness in his elbow so we backed him out of games," the manager noted. "He'€™s going to get some at-bats over on the minor league side tomorrow and Thursday. But with almost three weeks still remaining in camp we don'€™t want to push this by any means and give this a chance to calm down. "He threw yesterday but not to where he'€™s without thought, where he'€™s really cutting it loose. As well as he throws and as valuable as his arm is to him as a player and to us behind the plate, we'€™re just backing him down a couple of days." Farrell also was optimistic that Rusney Castillo -- who hasn't played since injuring his left oblique during the Red Sox' game against Boston College -- might be in the lineup Wednesday. Castillo told Monday he did feel 100 percent. "He'€™s going to go through a full workout today, including throwing to the bases and I'€™ll get a chance to meet with him when he comes out of that," Farrell said. "But we'€™re still targeting tomorrow."