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Cora explains why he was coy about Moreland's injury

Rob Bradford
July 27, 2018 - 5:14 pm

Before Thursday night's game, Alex Cora said Mitch Moreland not starting was not related to a physical ailment. After the first baseman didn't pinch-hit in the ninth inning Cora reiterated his stance. But when Moreland wasn't in the lineup Friday night and told the media his left knee was a bit balky, the Red Sox manager had to explain where he was previously coming from. (For the entire Red Sox' lineup against the Twins, click here.)

"A little banged up. The thing about that, and I want to make sure we’re clear, I can’t, like, let everyone know what’s going on with my 25-man roster when I have a manager over there trying to manage against me," Cora said. "That was the reason we didn’t mention anything. Obviously, he’s not in the lineup so you guys know a little bit now but he’s available."

As for why Cora doubled-down even after Thursday night's game he said, "Because I didn’t know how he was going to show up today and probably he was going to be in the lineup."

Cora went on to say in the ninth-inning Thursday night when Moreland was available to face a reliever in Fernando Rodney had solid success against (6-for-10), most likely the hitter he might have pinch-hit for was the second batter of the inning. "The only one, probably (Steve) Pearce, but not really," he said.

As for Moreland's injury, Cora said he wanted to prioritize the long haul for the first baseman, giving the first baseman ample time to heal up what is a surgically-repaired left knee.

"It has been a while," Cora said the knee discomfort. "Like I said, this is from early in the season, this is a guy we have to take care of. I’m not saying workload has to do with it. Just, he’s a big guy moving around but obviously we’ve got Steve now and there’s certain guys, even with a righty on the mound, we’re going to stay away from him. He’s so important. I saw what happened last year and this whole grinder, I’ll play through injury. It’s good to hear. It’s cool to see. But sometimes we have to be smart about it because we need these guys healthy, that’s the most important thing."

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