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Cora sends the love back Belichick's way

Rob Bradford
August 07, 2018 - 8:16 pm

TORONTO - Evidently, Alex Cora and his team left quite an impression on Bill Belichick when the Patriots' head coach swung by Fenway Park Sunday night. (To read Belichick's comments on the Red Sox, click here.)

It was an analysis that didn't escape the attention of Cora.

"That’s cool. I need tickets for the Texans-Patriots game for a friend of mine," the Sox manager joked. "I met him in Jupiter in one of the spring training games. He was there with Tony (LaRussa), it was cool, like, down to earth. He opens up a little bit more when the cameras are not on. That’s the rumor, but we were talking about Miami football and all that. He was doing his tour as far as scouting and all that stuff. Dave (Dombrowski)  told me that throughout the game, he asked a lot of questions. He’s in tune with what we’re doing. I found out, too, that they had a day at Fenway, Dave told me, and they had a blast as a team. He’s the best."

It then led to a reciprocating of the admiration.

"It's impressive," said Cora of Belichick's accomplishments. "It's not that I follow them as a fan but I know what they do. The fact that they let players go and they bring in guys that people don't think can do the job but they fit the system. He knows his system, he knows what kind of players he needs for this to work. They have one right now, (Braxton) Berrios, that went to U-M (the University of Miami). Everyone knows, he's the type of player, he's going to be good in New England before he even got drafted by New England. I was like 'yeah, that makes sense, a little guy that can run and make plays.' He knows his team, he has a great pulse about it. For what they do on a yearly basis, that's very impressive to play the big game every year, that's crazy, I can't even imagine. But yeah, he's the best on that."

And Cora's take on how Belichick deals with the media?

"Excellent," the manager said with a chuckle. "He does a good job."

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