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Alex Cora: Red Sox aren't shying away from World Series talk

Rob Bradford
September 29, 2018 - 12:31 pm

The Red Sox may be taking the postseason one game at a time, but they won't be afraid to talk about more than that.

Speaking before his team's second-to-last regular-season game Red Sox manager Alex Cora said he is encouraging his team to verbalize the loftiest of goals heading through the postseason -- winning the final game of the season.

"I think this team has that attitude," said Cora when asked about the Red Sox possessing the kind of mindset that other clubs have implemented once the postseason begins. "It already started before the season. There are a few guys the last two years here they went to the ALDS and it didn’t happen. Lack of experience or facing good teams or good coaching … I do feel like there is some unfinished business. From Day 1 we’ve been talking about it. I told them don’t be afraid to be talking about the World Series. Every team in the big leagues that’s their goal so why be polite or humble about it. That’s their goal. We’ve been in a good mindset for a while, since February and I don’t think that is going to change in October. We know we are going to face some good teams but we believe in what we have and we believe we have a good team too. I can’t wait for October 5th."

One of the notable aspects of this Red Sox team has been their laser focus on the ultimate goal, which is one of the reasons Cora hasn't had to call any meetings for the entire team. Instead, the manager has relied on the regular get-togethers with the hitters or pitchers during the first game of each series to get any messages across.

"I think during those hitters meetings if there is a message or something I want to tell them I will stop by and we will talk about it," Cora said. "As you know, I'm around so I don't think there is a need to call team meetings. Maybe next year is different. Last year we didn't have too many. It's a fact you have that meeting with hitters that you can always talk to them if there is something bothering you, or something you see they should do better. Early in the season, it's baserunning and all of a sudden it's not about baserunning. I think at one point it was about finishing games. We went through a stretch where the first few at-bats they were OK then the last part of the game ... We talked about starting and finishing games. There is always a message. The cool thing about this team is we don't feel we're perfect. We still believe we can be better and we try to help them out to get to that point."