Red Sox manager John Farrell on David Price hitting David Ortiz: 'There's intent to that pitch'

Rob Bradford
May 30, 2014 - 10:24 pm
Red Sox manager John Farrell didn'€™t get to stick around for long Friday night, having been tossed in the first inning. But that didn'€™t mean Farrell didn'€™t feel he had a pretty good pulse on what transpired in the drama-soaked, 3-2 Red Sox, 10-inning win. Farrell was ejected in the first after home plate umpire Dan Bellino issued warnings to both the Red Sox and Rays following Tampa Bay starter David Price plunking Sox DH David Ortiz. The intensity only thickened in the fourth inning, when the umpiring crew chose not to eject Price after hitting Sox first baseman Mike Carp. That resulted in the benches clearing and Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo being ejected. Red Sox starter Brandon Workman'€™s night would also end in an ejection after the threw behind Tampa Bay third baseman Evan Longoria in the sixth inning. '€œYou know, David'€™s a heck of a pitcher,'€ Farrell said. '€œHe comes in with two hit batters and eight walks on the year. He comes in with the lowest walk rate in the American league. When he throws a ball and hits David Ortiz in the back, there'€™s intent to that. They can dispute that all they want. There'€™s intent to that pitch. As emphatic as Dan Bellino'€™s warning was, it sure seemed like Dan Bellino felt like there was intent as well. I disagreed with it. He took the ball out of our hand. And then after Mike Carp got hit with a ball up around his neck and they didn'€™t make a move then, the umpires allowed this game to escalate even further.'€ Farrell added, '€œWe fully expect this to be very competitive games. They always are against Tampa. And there were some different things that happened inside this game. When we have four people ejected and also have three people hit by pitches, and they have none, that'€™s a hard one to figure out.'€ To read Ortiz' thoughts on the incident, click here.