Red Sox' new good luck statue gets off to a slow start

Rob Bradford
June 15, 2014 - 4:10 pm
Jake Peavy wasn't looking for another piece of wood to rally around, but he found it just the same. Unfortunately for the Red Sox, the good luck charm didn't get off to a good start thanks to their 3-2 loss to the Indians Sunday afternoon. After using a cigar store Indian as a signature memento throughout the second half of the championship 2013 season, Peavy and the Red Sox were resigned to retiring the whole statue thing to the pitcher's property in Alabama. But after attending an early season charity event, Peavy walked into Bradley's Liquors on Boylston St., the heir apparent presented itself. "I found him across the street. He'€™s a Boston native," Peavy explained. "After last year you can'€™t but help but be drawn to him, and I was drawn to him. He'€™s a little bit bigger than last year'€™s 'Chief.' We had been going through a tough stretch, and we'€™ve been really going through a tough stretch all season. So I thought the coolest thing about him was that he had his hand above his eyes, almost to say, '€˜Keep your eyes open. Don'€™t relax on me or forget where we'€™re going or what we'€™re capable of.'€™ It was just another good rallying cry. "I went in after a charity event and we weren't playing well. Then there'€™s this wooden statue, like last year. He'€™s got his American Flag shorts on already, already in costume. And he had the lookout." The problem was that the store clerk initially told Peavy the statue wasn't for sale, not recognizing the pitcher or the team he played for. But upon calling the store owner, a solution was found. The sympathetic Red Sox fan didn't want a dime, just for the statue to work the same magic its predecessor managed a season before. But that didn't mean it was going straight to Fenway Park. "I brought him out that night," Peavy said. "I thought it was a little too early in the season. I didn't feel the spiritual connection that I did with the other one just quite yet, so I dropped him off in Daisy Buchanan's to let him get greased up in the ways of the world for about the last month. So he'€™s been in Daisy'€™s. The '€™04 team has kissed him, loved on him and partied with those guys when they came in." Then, Saturday, Dustin Pedroia led the charge to convince Peavy it was time for the statue to make the trip on over to Fenway. "They said," the pitcher deadpanned, "it was time."