Ben Cherington

Red Sox 'not close' to catching any fish in offseason ocean

Rob Bradford
November 12, 2014 - 12:53 pm

PHOENIX - One of the biggest names of this offseason is now off the board with Victor Martinez having reportedly agreed to re-sign with the Tigers. Similar news about Red Sox offseason moves is not likely in the coming days. GM Ben Cherington said that he "would not expect" the Red Sox to sign anyone this week. While the GM Meetings serve a useful purpose in terms of giving teams a chance to exchange information with teams and agents, they typically offer a springboard for more advanced conversations after the meetings break up. "We're working on stuff so there's always a chance of getting something done, but I can't predict [whether anything will happen prior to the December winter meetings]. ... It's really still more gathering information, looking at conceptual ideas, different permutations. We're not close on anything, but we'll continue to have those talks and see where they go," said Cherington. "I think everyone still is really doing the same thing. You can put free agent possibilities and trade possibilities in the same ocean and everyone is swimming in that ocean, trying to figure out what fish they can catch. The deeper we get into the offseason, the closer teams get to the fish they want and seeing which ones they throw in the boat. We're not close to doing that right now."