Red Sox owner John Henry on Manager of the Year: 'You writers are a strange breed'

Rob Bradford
November 13, 2013 - 9:32 am

ORLANDO -- Red Sox principal owner John Henry expressed some surprise that John Farrell finished second in Manager of the Year balloting to Indians (and former Red Sox) skipper Terry Francona. "You writers are a strange breed," mused Henry. "From where I sit, sometimes, it's strange. Now that I'm in your business [a reference to his recent purchase of The Boston Globe] ... I don't think I have that much say, but maybe I'll be better to understand how these relationships work." Henry said that he had been led to expect that Farrell would win the honor. "He did win the Sporting News Award for Manager of the Year. That obviously must be a better way to choose," Henry joked. "Every writer I talked to last night, and there were a lot of writers, they were incredulous. ... I talked to one voter who said, 'This is such a waste of time.' When he was filling it out, he said, 'It was a waste of time because it was a foregone conclusion.' "