Red Sox institute pay cuts for some employees, will pay minor leaguers

Rob Bradford
May 30, 2020 - 9:23 am

Friday brought plenty of the new reality for the Red Sox.

In the afternoon, the club released 22 minor leaguers. That was the bad news for those not on the roster heading into the uncertainty of June. The good news came when (as first reported by Alex Speier of the Boston Globe) the Sox committed to paying all of their minor leaguers $400 a week through August. It was an approach taken by a few clubs such as the Royals, Astros, Twins and Reds.

There was, however, more news that didn't paint such a positive light.

As was first reported by Evan Drellich, the organization informed its employees that it would be implementing sliding levels of pay cuts for people making $50,000 or more.

Those making $50,000 but under $100,000 will be receiving a 20 percent pay cut. The cut will be 25 percent for employees garnering between $100,000 but less than $500,000. Salaries over $500,000 will be cut by 30 percent.

The team did announce there would be no layoffs or furloughs.