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The 'good Drew Pomeranz' finally emerges

Rob Bradford
July 18, 2018 - 9:34 pm

Alex Cora said after Drew Pomeranz's latest rehab start what he made of where the starter was at. He was honest.

"The reports, he was OK," the Red Sox manager said.

"Velocity is not up. It’s been 89, 90, I think. Inconsistent with the breaking stuff. I read something yesterday about, 3-0 count somebody swung and hit a home run. Well, they swing at 3-0 counts here, too. I think with Drew, it’s a lot of timing and mechanics, honestly. That’s why he’s going to go out there and pitch on Wednesday. And he knows it. He knows he has to get it right before he gets here. It’s very important. It’s very important. We saw what he did last year with this team, and we need the good Drew Pomeranz, you know? The guy that can repeat his delivery and he can be consistent with his breaking ball."

Well, Pomeranz did pitch Wednesday night and as it turned out "the good Drew Pomeranz" showed up.

The lefty dominated the White Sox' Triple-A team in Charlotte, allowing just one hit (a home run) over six innings. Pomeranz actually carried a no-hitter until Jose Rondon took him deep with two outs in the sixth inning.

The starter finished his 69-pitch outing striking out five, walking two, and seemingly finding "that one little thing" he told he was missing the day after his most recent outing with the PawSox.

"Now I’m just trying to refine," Pomeranz had noted after his three-run, 3 2/3-inning start last Saturday. "I think I’m back to the point now where I was before. I’m still missing that little thing right now, that one little thing."

The start couldn't come at a better time for Pomeranz and the Red Sox, who are down one of their key starters after Eduardo Rodriguez's ankle injury.

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