Red Sox test fake crowd noise at Fenway Park

Rob Bradford
July 10, 2020 - 10:23 am

Just because there will be no fans doesn't mean there won't be any noise.

With the Red Sox season-opener against the Orioles July 24, the team is using every one of these days to prepare for the new normal.

Thursday the first step in preparations for games began with the Sox' first intrasquad game. Friday they are working on some noise to go along with the baseball.

The strategy to incorporate piped-in noise isn't new, with teams executing the idea during fan-less games in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

"We're also going to experiment some things with noise," said Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke when looking toward Friday's intrasquad game. "I don't exactly what it all is but they want to try some things I think maybe similar to what Taiwan is doing and what Korea is doing. So hopefully it won't be quite as quiet. It was quiet today. It was different, certainly. But I guess it's kind of like spring training when you play those intrasquad games before you play those 1 o'clock games and it was similar to that. But different. Everything is a little different. I didn't want to sit where I usually sit in the dugout because there were too many people there so I kind of moved to the side in a seat. I think we are just constantly adjusting to things and trying to figure it out."

The Red Sox also announced that they will be hosting the Blue Jays for a pair of exhibition games at Fenway, July 21 and 22.