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Eduardo Nunez insists he isn't worried about his knee

Rob Bradford
September 14, 2018 - 10:43 am

Eduardo Nunez has insisted his knee was OK before, but as we found out earlier this month that wasn't really the case.

"I feel better. At the beginning of the season, I was hurt," he said "I just tried. My knee didn’t feel good. I couldn’t run. I couldn’t move at second base. I couldn’t drive the ball. I was going through a tough process. But now my knee feels better. The last couple of weeks is when my knee felt better. Now I can enjoy playing. It was sore. I was playing all nine innings with pain. I was trying."

Thursday night there was a setback.

Nunez aggravated his knee while executing an awkward approach to first base on a grounder up the middle. While he remained the game, the soreness ultimately forced him out of the game after rifling a double off the left field wall.

After the game Nunez's concern level was minimal.

"It’s nothing worse than before. It’s sore, but I’m not concerned," he told after the Red Sox' 101st win. "We did all the tests and everything was positive. I’m not worried."

Any hiccup with Nunez's knee has to be viewed with a wary eye. Fortunately for the Red Sox, this certainly isn't the same scenario as a year ago, and there will be some time over the weekend to make sure the infielder's lack of concern is warranted.

The guess is that it won't stop Nunez from finishing off the final two weeks of the regular season. But the issue is making sure any soreness won't set back what had been increased production from that position. Because if there is any doubt any signs Nunez is taken a step back the Red Sox have to prioritize getting a whole lot of looks at both Rafael Devers and Brandon Phillips.

If nothing else, all parties involved seem to be in better place than the scenario witnessed in the first inning of Game 1 last postseason ...