Josh Hamlton was re-introduced to the Rangers media Monday afternoon. (Getty Images)

Remembering Red Sox' semi-courtship of Josh Hamilton

Rob Bradford
April 27, 2015 - 3:28 pm

We all know how it has turned out. Josh Hamilton is back with the Rangers with his five-year, $125 million signed with the Angels prior to the 2013 season a thing of the past. In 240 games with Los Angeles, the outfielder totaled 31 homers, hitting .255 with a .741 OPS, to go along with substance abuse incident served as the impetus for Monday's deal. Now the Angels are paying approximately $76 million to part ways with Hamilton. When it comes to reminders about the pitfalls of free agency, this was about as powerful as you're going to find. For a moment during those in winter meetings in Nashville back in early December, 2012, the Red Sox were at least kicking the tires on Hamilton. That was evidenced when John Farrell and Ben Cherington had dinner with the slugger off-site at the meetings. They were intrigued, especially considering Hamilton's success at Fenway Park (.348 career batting average, with a .990 OPS.) But, according to a major league source, the Red Sox never did make an offer to Hamilton. There was some thought that the Red Sox might try and lure Hamilton via an offer short on years, and high on AAV. It was the strategy they ultimately took when agreeing with both Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli on three-year, $39 million deals (with Napoli's being adjusted to a one-year deal after medical issues). The Red Sox resisted the temptation to formally enter the Hamilton fray, which in an offseason of making all the right moves might have been the best of the lot. For what it's worth, the Red Sox did pay the dinner tab.