Roster management with Stephen Drew, Xander Bogaerts, Brock Holt

Rob Bradford
June 02, 2014 - 4:04 pm

CLEVELAND -- With Stephen Drew back, Red Sox manager John Farrell discussed how the shortstop will be used and the impact that he'll have on the rest of the roster. Foremost, Farrell said the Sox are better with Drew than without him. "We'€™ve added a very good player to our roster who'€™s going to make us better," said Farrell. A few key points: -- Farrell said that Drew is "still in the building phase of games played," meaning that he won't yet be an everyday player. The Sox will give him days off in the initial stages of his buildup, trying to let them coincide with matchups that might suggest the wisdom of sitting Drew or starting someone else. "Stephen Drew up to full game speed is a damn good player. The fact is, we'€™ve got a versatile roster to help get us to that point," said Farrell. "We'€™re getting better by the day with his addition here. like I said, we'€™ll make sure that we take the necessary steps to where he'€™s unrestricted in terms of games played and I'€™m not looking to build in days off." -- Xander Bogaerts will play third every day, and his pregame work will likewise focus on the hot corner. When Drew isn't in the lineup -- "at least in the short-term," Farrell said -- the team will keep Bogaerts at third so that he can continue to acclimate to the position while having Brock Holt or Jonathan Herrera play short. Eventually, however, Farrell suggested that the team may consider an alignment with Bogaerts at short, pointing to a potential time, for instance, when Will Middlebrooks might be back on the roster to play third against left-handed pitchers.

-- Farrell reiterated the team's desire to get Holt into the lineup as often as possible.

"The numbers bear it out. Since he'€™s been in the leadoff spot, it'€™s kind of given us some lineup continuity," said Farrell. "We'€™re going to find every way we can to get brock on the field and keep him in the lineup."