Ryan Brasier explains why he had to go back to Boston

Rob Bradford
February 21, 2019 - 9:30 am

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Ryan Brasier is back.

The Red Sox reliever could be found in the JetBlue Park clubhouse getting ready for another spring training workout with the rest of his teammates after missing the previous two days due to a trip back up to Boston. Brasier isn't quite ready to re-start regular workouts, needing the medication for his infected right pinky toe to kick in, but at least he has peace of mind when it comes to the injury.

"It looked better the last couple of days so we’re hoping we’re staying on the right track," Brasier said. "They wanted me to go somewhere where they trusted and they knew what they wanted to do with close communication so to miss one day and go up there and see them I guess is worth it."

Brasier explained that he had been throwing bullpens and working out with significant discomfort due to the infection. ("It was a lot of pain," he said.) Finally, it got to the point where a different approach was needed, hence the plane ticket to Logan Airport Tuesday morning.

"I think they wanted me to go to see somebody they could keep in a little bit better contact with than down here," said Brasier, who hasn't previously experienced anything along these lines. "They wanted me to get it looked at by their guys.

"It’s still a little tender and sore so we’ll keep checking it out and hopefully be back on the field soon."