Ryan Sweeney awaits his fate with Red Sox

Rob Bradford
March 27, 2013 - 9:48 am

FORT MYERS, Fla. '€“ The clock is ticking for Ryan Sweeney. The Red Sox have until midnight Thursday to relay their intention regarding putting Sweeney on the Opening Day roster. The player then has 24 hours to inform the club regarding is choice of whether or not he will be accepting an minor-league assignment if a spot on the big league club isn'€™t won. For now, he waits. '€œA couple of weeks ago I was kind of worried about it. I was like, '€˜Man, what'€™s going to happen?'€™ I was kind of getting stressed by it,'€ Sweeney said. '€œBut the last week or two I was just decided to go out and play and whatever happens is going to happen. I'€™m not going to put stress on myself trying to figure it out. Hopefully, first and foremost, it'€™s here in Boston. But if it'€™s not I'€™ll just have to figure out where I'€™m going to go from there.'€ The outfielder, who signed a minor-league deal with the Red Sox shortly after it was learned Ryan Kalish would need shoulder surgery, told WEEI.com that he would not be inclined to accept a minor-league assignment from the Sox if asked. Sweeney entered Wednesday'€™s game hitting .222 '€“ 2-for-21 against lefties and 8-for-24 vs. right-handers. Of his one 10 hits was a doubles. '€œHonestly, I have no idea. I'€™m kind of just in limbo,'€ he said when asked about his status. '€œI really haven'€™t even had a conversation with them to be honest with you, if there are two spots for three guys or how it even works. I'€™m just kind of waiting it out and we'€™ll see by tonight or tomorrow. '€œI feel like my defense is always there, so I feel like that was fine. But as far as hitting and everything, I went through a little patch where I didn'€™t feel the greatest but then I got it back. But my swing for the most part all of spring training has felt great. I'€™m comfortable with what I'€™m doing right now, going into the season. I haven'€™t gotten as many hits as I'€™ve wanted to get. But as far as the type of at-bats I'€™ve had and the swings I'€™ve been putting on balls and how hard I'€™ve been hitting the ball, I'€™ve been fairly happy with it.'€ It would appear that the Red Sox have four players vying for two spots, with Sweeney, Mauro Gomez, Mike Carp and Jackie Bradley all in the mix. Gomez has an option Unlike Carp and Gomez, Sweeney is not on the Red Sox'€™ 40-man roster. '€œI definitely don'€™t regret signing here,'€ he said. '€œYou can always look back and say some team is looking for a left-handed bat now and you wish you signed there. Hopefully I still make the team and don'€™t have to worry about it, but with the signing of more guys after I came over here, and a few younger guys that have done well and not even knowing they were in the equation, I might have looked at it a little bit differently.'€