Scott Boras hints that J.D. Martinez may be ready to explore free agency

Rob Bradford
April 01, 2019 - 10:55 pm

OAKLAND -- Chris Sale. Then Xander Bogaerts. Who's next?

When it comes to contract extensions/restructuring it doesn't appear as though J.D. Martinez is close to even being on-deck.

According to a source familiar with the situation, the Red Sox and Martinez haven't held any discussions when it comes to reworking the slugger's current deal. Martinez has an opt-out at the conclusion of the 2019 season, in which he is making $23.75 million. He also can opt-out after next season (which is also a $23.75 million payday). But if the designated hitter/outfielder chooses not to use either option the last two years of the deal drop down to $19.375 million in each season.

Listening to Martinez's agent Scott Boras at the press conference to announce Bogaerts' extension it certainly seems like the player might be getting ready for another round of free agency after 2019.

"This guy is some kind of hitter," Boras said. "He and (Washington's Anthony) Rendon (also a Boras client) are probably going to be the two most focused on offensive players on the market as far as guys who are elite offensive players. Yeah … Not that I think about those things."

Martinez told in spring training he would be open to discussing a new contract during the season, an approach Boras would be open to.

"I discuss the clients individually. Good lawyer stuff. If J.D. wants me to talk with them … I’m usually heading over to Tom’s house to get something free out of him during the season," said Boras of Red Sox chairman Tom Werner. "That’s strictly up to him. Obviously it’s a relationship that has gone very, very well for everybody. You love it when players play well."