Scott Boras says Stephen Drew has a market, Xander Bogaerts going to be 'top five' player

Rob Bradford
December 11, 2013 - 11:28 am

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. '€“ Scott Boras has spoken. The agent for free agent shortstop Stephen Drew addressed the media in one of the hallways at the Dolphin Resort and Spa Wednesday, touching on the shortstop'€™s market thus far in free agency. '€œHe'€™s going to have numerous options to choose from,'€ Boras said of Drew. '€œObviously there are a variety of teams that want a shortstop of his defensive acumen, capability.'€ Throughout the winter meetings, there has been a curiosity regarding Drew'€™s market, with any team (except the Red Sox) who signs the 31-year-old having to surrender a draft pick. The agent said that while a return to the Sox isn'€™t out of the question, Drew will have the opportunity to choose from more than one scenario. '€œWell, I think that'€™s not a decision Stephen has made yet because we have to look at the totality of what'€™s available to him,'€ Boras said when asked about Drew potentially returning to the Red Sox. '€œAnd some of the offers and positions teams are taking are somewhat contingent on another move. And so, to have a full slate of what'€™s available to him is not yet something that'€™s ripe.'€ According to multiple sources, the Red Sox are planning to wait until Drew'€™s market defines itself before looping back in with the shortstop. Ironically, the player who would take Drew'€™s place at shortstop, Xander Bogaerts, is  also a Boras client. '€œClearly. Bogaerts played very well in September. He hit about .270 and his defense was great,'€ the agent said. '€œBogaerts really established himself in the major leagues. When you'€™ve got a young man that age playing in that environment, it's a pretty remarkable achievement. "I think Xander Bogaerts is going to be one of the top five players in baseball.'€