Shameless self-promotion minute

Rob Bradford
November 27, 2008 - 4:05 am

OK, this might be two minutes, but it's worth it. Curt Schilling has posted the first of a two-parter reliving the Thanksgiving five years ago which changed quite a bit in Boston baseball. I know today is all about high school football (and seeing exactly how deceiving those Facebook photos of your old classmates are), but I implore you to check this out. Oh, and you might want to check out this post on 38 Pitches. Good stuff. Best part: When the 'other' GM calls the house during what was supposed to be an exclusive negotiating period with the Red Sox ...

As we were getting settled into the living room my cell phone rang. It happened to be a G.M. of another team. Basically, I was asked if I was in discussions with the Sox'€”which I was'€”and what the status of those talks was. I didn't offer much insight other than to say we were talking. The G.M. told me that his team did not want me to sign with the Red Sox and whatever could be done to stall the negotiations and run out the deadline would be much appreciated. I was also told this team would have a deal in place the minute we hit that deadline and would offer a better deal than whatever was being tabled. The call was not really that surprising given how often teams cross boundaries with players and with each other. This was a very good guy I knew just a little, someone well respected in the game. 

And while you're add it, check out this video chronicling Schilling's former teammate, Lenny Dykstra's rise to Robin Leitch territory. (I think this is what the Pilgrims were after ...)