Shane Victorino 'couldn't feel any happier' after back surgery

Rob Bradford
August 08, 2014 - 6:50 pm

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Tuesday, Shane Victorino underwent back surgery in Los Angeles to repair two discs (3-4, and 4-5), with Dr. Robert Watkins performing the operation. Evidently, it went pretty well. Victorino showed up in the visitors clubhouse at Angels Stadium Friday wearing a brightly colored shirt, orange sneakers and the smile of someone who was feeling pretty good about his future. "I couldn'€™t feel any happier," said Victorino, who moved throughout his teammates with no sign of discomfort. "You never want to have surgery, you never want to be in that position. I think this is for me a surgery that was probably something that was in the making and probably needed to get done. Understanding the circumstances we were in, I think that made a decision a little bit easier. It definitely wasn'€™t something that I wanted to do. I saw some of the guys today and told them it's not fun watching. Understanding where we're at and what we're focusing on, it was the time for me to get this done and be ready for 2015." Victorino, who has played in just 30 games this season, said that he is optimistic that he'€™ll be able to hit the ground running when spring training rolls around. For now, however, he will be limited to just walking over the course of the next month, with specific instructions as to what movements are allowed for the coming weeks. "The biggest [disc] was shutting off one of the nerves and is probably why I was getting that excruciating pain down my leg into my butt," he said. "Once I was done with surgery, those shooting pains are gone and my body feels good. Now it's a matter of I can't do anything for a month other than just walk, so I'm trying to walk as much as I can to move around. The only [crappy] part is not being able to do things. We call it BLT: you can't bend, you can't lift, you can't twist. So when I get into bed, I have to sit like I'm a log and roll like I'm a log. Those are the kind of things I'm trying to get accustomed to, which I'm definitely not. As you guys know, I'm always up and moving. I have to remember this is a process for me, and I'm starting from square one and we're moving." He added, "My goal was to be ready to go as soon as I can and even before that. They said it's a 3-5, 4-6 month process. My goal is to make it 3-4 months. Understanding we're going to have spring training, for me I want to rush because I want to be back out there. I understand we have a timeframe we're going to work with. The position that we're in, we can take more rather than less. If we start now, it would be September, October, November, December, that'€™s four months. January, February, if I'm not full speed by then, obviously we've had some complications. From what was told to me, I'll be ready to go full speed even before spring training and hopefully by the beginning of the year." And then, once healthy, there will be the question as to where Victorino might play. "You guys know how I feel. I'll play wherever. I don't care if it's left, right, center, wherever it may be,'€ he explained. '€œIf the trades of getting [Yoenis] Cespedes and getting [Allen] Craig, people have spoke about it and I've read and I pay attention to what's being said, and people are probably understanding, well, you know, Cespedes is going ot be the right fielder, where are you going to play? I have every intention of being the right fielder next year. I don't have any mindset that I'm not going to be the right fielder and focus on that. But like I said, wherever I'm going to play, it doesn't matter to me. I just want to be out there, I want to be healthy, I want to be a part of this team, and hey, I love playing the game and that's what I focus on."