Shane Victorino explains why he was scratched from lineup, outlook for Game 5

Rob Bradford
October 27, 2013 - 10:17 pm

ST. LOUIS '€“ When Shane Victorino woke up Sunday morning, he had every intention of being in the Red Sox'€™ lineup for Game 4 of the World Series. It didn'€™t work out that way. The right fielder was forced from the lineup just 1½ hours before what would result in a 4-2 win for the Sox after it was determined his ailing back wouldn'€™t loosen up by game time. '€œI had every intention of playing,'€ Victorino said. '€œUnfortunately it didn'€™t turn out that way. It'€™s really day-to-day. When I got up this morning I thought I would be able to play, and had every intention of playing. It just didn'€™t turn out the way I wanted.'€ Victorino said he re-injured his back while chasing after a Matt Adams hit into the right-field corner Saturday night. It'€™s an injury he has dealt with for much of the season, although the discomfort hadn'€™t reached the level he felt both after Game 3 and prior to Game 4 in some time. '€œWhen I first took off for the hit I felt it grab, and when I went down in the corner to get the ball '€¦ It was fine, still, and it got better throughout the night, but then by the end of the game it was really locked up,'€ Victroino said. '€œI thought I could do some exercises and it would loosen up. When I came here today I had every intention of playing. But the trainer asked me to do one thing that would stand out, I tried to do it and I couldn'€™t do it. So we made the decision. '€œThis is probably the worst it'€™s been in a while. That'€™s what'€™s frustrating for me. I'€™ve had that feeling and it'€™s gone away, but today was like, '€˜Wow!'€™ So hopefully tomorrow it'€™s better.'€ Victorino spent the entirety of Sunday night'€™s game in the clubhouse and trainer's room, attempting to get his back in some sort of shape in case he was called upon. Helping ease the pain was seeing his replacement, Jonny Gomes, come through with the biggest hit of the night, a three-run blast in the fifth inning that gave the Red Sox the lead for good. '€œIt'€™s great to see what happened tonight,'€ Victorino said. '€œSometimes you don'€™t play and you see someone go in for at your position and they make a mistake, or don'€™t have a good night, you feel worse. First of all, this guy probably doesn'€™t think he'€™s starting tonight. But with Jonny, I know every day he'€™s thinking he'€™s playing. Every day he'€™s, 'Game on.'  So it doesn'€™t hamper me more to think I pulled myself an hour and a half before the game because I couldn'€™t do something and then I feel like crap. With him I know he'€™s always game ready. '€œThe other part that scared me was that I thought I could go, but in the third or fourth inning I'€™m locked up then we lose me, we lose a bench guy. So we lose two guys. Me being a National League player, I understood that. Let'€™s let Jonny go. Let me do my exercises seeing if I could get better, and if there'€™s a pinch maybe I can help. Would it be very minimal? Maybe. But it makes me feel that much better seeing Jonny doing what he did. It'€™s crazy how that happens.'€