Shane Victorino

Shane Victorino explains why he's hitting exclusively right-handed

Rob Bradford
March 23, 2015 - 10:32 am

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- With two weeks to go in spring training, Shane Victorino has weighed his options and made his decision -- hitting exclusively from the right side will be the way he goes from here on in. The right fielder attempted a return to switch-hitting earlier in camp, having felt his newfound health could withstand swinging from the left side. Victorino hadn't routinely hit lefty since the middle of the 2013 season. Speaking to, Victorino offered the reasoning behind giving up switch-hitting: "I just felt doing so much work, trying to get comfortable and trying to find my left-handed swing was taking a toll," Victorino said. "It had been countless hours in the cage trying to hit from the left side, feeling comfortable to work on that and continuously doing that. I felt like it was starting to physically take a toll and was setting me back in regards to what I was dealing with my hamstring and some typical leg soreness and kind stuff we were dealing with. I felt it led to what a lot what going on where my lower half was tired, because I was spending a lot of time working on things in the cage. Beyond that, it was a decision I felt like I thought it was necessary to make. Why go down that path (of potentially getting injured) again? I don't want to put myself behind the eight ball. Whatever it takes. "Then to have an organization say, 'If that's what's going to make you feel better and allow you to go out and play every single day then we're more than fine with it,' that helps a lot in making that decision. When you signed me I was a switch-hitter and physical things led me down another path. I wanted to feel as good as I was and be a switch-hitter again, but it was taking a physical toll." While there will be continued adjustments to be made, the outfielder felt it was time to prioritize his health. "Physically everything is going good, and that's the most important part for me," Victorino noted. "It's not about being lefty or righty or being a switch-hitter. I want to be healthy. That's the most important thing for me. Whatever is going to get me to play 162 games. Obviously I hope to play 162, although I doubt they'll look at it that way. From my standpoint, things have come along. I tried but I felt there were some physical setbacks that were starting to kick in and everything was happening on the left side. So I said, 'Let's not make it worse.' I felt like it was getting to that point, and that's why I made the decision to be a right-handed hitter." He added, "This year I feel like I'm healthy going into the season, knock on wood. Hopefully nothing changes. But the way I feel now, and where I'm at, I feel confident I can go out there and be an everyday player and hit solely right-handed. But there are going to be adjustments I have to make from a hitting standpoint. At some point is there going to be a little bit of fear or discomfort in the box? Of course. It's something that I've never really done over the course of a year. But I have confidence in myself I'll make adjustments and I'll figure it out." To read all of Victorino's comments, click here.