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Solving the mystery of Addison Reed's hat tilt

Rob Bradford
September 25, 2017 - 6:19 pm

Watching Addison Reed walk off the mound after notching the final out of an inning, there is clearly a routine. What it involves is the reliever immediately pushing the brim of his baseball hat up so the cap now precariously rests upon his head with the visor pointing skyward.

It would seem to be his own subtle victory cigar.

Not the case.

"To be honest, I just don't think wearing a hat all the way down is comfortable," Reed told "The only time you will see me wearing it all the way down and worn correct is when I'm pitching."

While the maneuver is religously executed, Reed said he wasn't aware of the act until the past few seasons.

"I didn't really until I got over to the Mets," he said. "The guys would always give me a hard time about it. That was kind of our celebration when I got out of an inning, when I came to the dugout everybody had their hats up. They kind of had fun with it. It's purely for comfort.

"It's either backwards or like this [tilted up]. For some reason I don't like wearing it forward and on my head. I just don't think it's comfortable."

So, has he ever thought about cutting to the chase and pitching with the elevated brim?

"I have not. And I don't think I will because it would be flying off all the time," Reed explained. "It's just more for comfort. If you see it right now it's like that. During batting practice it's like that. The only time I have it down is purely for comfort."

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