Source: Mets have not made offer to Stephen Drew

Rob Bradford
February 04, 2014 - 10:40 am

According to a major league source with knowledge of the situation, the Mets have not made a formal offer to free agent shortstop Stephen Drew. Earlier Tuesday, it was reported by WFAN in New York that the Mets had extended an offer to Drew, with host Mike Francesa stating: "It'€™s number of years, they've already made him an offer. It'€™s the number of years. They'€™re fighting over the number of years. I know they have made him an offer. ... It's not the money. It doesn't matter if they did a refinance or not. They already offered him the money. It'€™s a questions of years. They already made him an offer. ... They're fighting over years. I think they're going to sign Drew, I think they'€™re going to sign him. I really do." Jim Bowden of reported Monday that the Red Sox have extended a two-year offer to Drew.