Source: Red Sox 'haven't closed the door' on Stephen Drew returning

Rob Bradford
November 14, 2013 - 6:17 am

According to a team source, the Red Sox "haven't closed the door" on free agent shortstop Stephen Drew returning to the team for the 2014 season. An report stated that, according to a source, Drew wouldn't be signing with the Red Sox because there were "a number of teams willing to make multiyear offers for his services beyond anything Boston would do." Wednesday, Drew's agent Scott Boras discussed his client's market. '€œThe idea of Stephen is a top-five defensive player, and offensively his OPS is fourth among shortstops," Boras said. "He provides a lot of player. Is very, very sure-handed. And wherever Stephen Drew goes he ends up in the playoffs. I think a large part of the Red Sox'€™ acumen and [GM Ben Cherington'€™s] instinct for what makes a winning team is [shown] in the acquisition of Stephen Drew.'€ The agent later added, '€œIf you want to win and you want a middle of the diamond player '€¦ a lot good teams need upgrades in the middle of the diamond so he'€™s got a very active and very large market.'€ The Mets and Cardinals are two teams that are considered to have interest in Drew. The 31-year-old would cost any team (except the Red Sox) a draft pick if it was to sign the shortstop. When asked if he was starting to set deadline for free agents to make up their minds, in order for the Red Sox to move forward, Cherington said Wednesday that the team hasn't had to resort to such a tactic quite yet. "We're not at that point yet," Cherington said. "If it does get to that point, we'll communicate that. We've got to be working on other things at the same time, and we are. He's got to go through what he needs to go through for his clients, and we get that. There will be time to talk in between. At some point, decisions have to be made and we'll communicate that, but we're not at that point yet."