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Steve Pearce: Re-signing with Red Sox 'a very easy decision'

Rob Bradford
November 19, 2018 - 3:45 pm

For both the Red Sox and Steve Pearce it was a perfect fit.

After agreeing to his one-year, $6.25 million deal Friday, the first baseman explained where he was coming from in re-upping with the Red Sox while participating in a conference call Monday afternoon.

"It’s easy," the World Series MVP said when asked to explain his motivations. "The team that I was on and the run that we had, I’m really anxious to get back there next year. It was a very easy decision." He later added, "This was the place I wanted to be. The team that I was on, how everything was done there, bringing everybody back, it was a no-brainer for me. This is where I wanted to play. ... The chemistry that we had on and off the field. Wanting to defend a title, that’s a big deal. And I can accomplish all of that by going back to the Sox."

Pearce's willingness to accept a one-year deal was key for the Red Sox, with the team viewing a first-base platoon with Mitch Moreland (who will also be in the final year of his deal) as the route it wanted to go for the coming season.

"We were really in a position where we had talked about, they had talked about a couple-year deal, the possibility of it," said Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski. "Really we were in a spot that at this point where we are, we really like the combination that we have with Mitch and Steve at first base and of course the ability to DH and in Steve’s case, he can move around a little bit even though we didn’t do that much last year. I’m not sure that’s what we will do this year, but we really like the combination, but we really felt for us, where they are in their careers and where we are as an organization, we really did want to hold them to one year."

Besides his deal Pearce also identified another aspect of his life that has changed since winning the World Series: He is getting recognized a whole lot more.

"Well, I understand it comes with the territory," said Pearce, who hit .302 with a 1.018 OPS against lefties in his time with the Red Sox. "You have to prepare of it and take it day by day and just keep doing what I’ve got to do."