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Story behind Fenway usher who made incredible catch

Rob Bradford
September 14, 2018 - 10:55 pm

It is in the running for the catch of the year.

Mark Hickey had never played baseball beyond Little League, but the confidence in which he snagged the foul ball hit up between State Street Pavilion Sections 5 and 7 was rare. Perhaps that's what made it stand out.

"I just watched the ball," said the Waltham native. "I knew I had it. I knew I had it. People asked if I thought I was going to miss it and I told them, ‘No! I knew I had it.’"

Hickey, who is in his second year of ushering at Fenway Park, has a background in sports, just not baseball. The former Verizon sales representative is the President for the Waltham Youth Hockey League. But catching a foul ball? "I had never come close," he said.

"I just saw the ball coming, followed and cradled it," Hickey added.

The fallout from the Wednesday catch has been perhaps even more memorable than the catch itself. Thanks to the video of the grab going viral Hickey has been besieged by phone calls from old friends, with folks as far away as Australia sending him emails. He has even signed a few autographs.

But perhaps the most gratifying aspect of the moment for Hickey was the opportunity to give the ball to a young fan sitting in his section.

"I always look for a kid in my section in case I get a ball," he said, finishing the interview with a fitting punctuation. "Good catch, huh?!"