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Kiermaier tweets admiration for JBJ's catch

Rob Bradford
August 18, 2018 - 11:58 am

After making yet another spectacular catch Friday night -- this time robbing Tampa Bay's Tommy Pham in the third inning -- Jackie Bradley got plenty of praise. And deservedly so. The center field has made such feats somewhat of a science.

"Training," said Bradley Jr. when asked how he didn't impale himself into the wall. "Actually if you go back and look at it, after I made the catch, there was a slight second where I looked to see where I was and I knew that my best opportunity to get out of there unscathed was to get down to the ground so I peaked back, and I just tried to barrel roll because if I tried to catch myself, I probably would have run into the wall full speed."

But what might have stood out the most was the reaction from his opponent's clubhouse, particularly via the Twitter account of one of the majors' best centerfielders, Kevin Kiermaier.


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