They better hope they got the right Tim Bogar

Rob Bradford
November 28, 2008 - 9:26 am

As you've probably heard by now, the Red Sox have hired Tim Bogar away from the Rays to be their new first base coach. (Interesting topic for another day is the philosophy Bogar may carry when it comes to baserunning from his time with Tampa Bay.) The hire seems like a solid one, that is, of course, the phone call didn't ultimately end up going to this Tim Bogar. 

"Tim Bogar, full-tilt storytelling Original stories are Tim'€™s specialty. They include tall tales like Sticky Pants, Michigan stories like Fire in the Thumb, and stories to promote reading, like Boompa Boompa Bedtime. Characters range from Ranch Dressing, a reluctantly heroic bunny, to the ghost of Susannah, a mid-Michigan farm wife. Monster on the Porch brings squeals and laughs, while Simon'€™s Hands elicits smiles and tears. Tim has been storytelling for 14 years and has received a national storytelling award."
This guy might not know anything about baseball, but isn't a big part of baseball story-telling.