Jon Lester's season came to an end Tuesday night. (Getty Images)

The thinking behind putting Jon Lester's house on the market

Rob Bradford
October 01, 2014 - 11:08 am

So, Jon Lester's house is on the market. When the news came out that the pitcher was putting his Newton Highlands' house up for sale -- asking $1,850,000 -- the assumption was that he was already locked into moving on from the Red Sox. But according to a source familiar with the situation, the thinking behind Lester surfacing a listing for the house was this: 1. He wanted to get out in front of the process if he did sign with another team. 2. There is an assumption that the window of free agency is short enough that are no guarantees an acceptable offer would come in during that time span. 3. He is putting the house on the market with the obvious understanding that it can be taken off if it appears a deal with the Red Sox can be struck. 4. Lester would not be averse to purchasing a different house in the area if he re-signs with the Red Sox (particularly considering his growing family and annual income). Lester also just bought a $3.4 million house in the Atlanta suburb of Pleasant Hills in April. To look the house Lester is putting up for sale, click here.