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Tom Brady gave us pliability, electrolytes and so much more

Rob Bradford
March 17, 2020 - 4:23 pm

Leave it to Hanley Ramirez to paint the proper picture when it comes to the reality of Tom Brady.

And that, my friends, has been the sentiment of most since Tom Brady calmly spiked that ball in Super Bowl XXXVI and let it gently fall into his perfectly-sized hand. It makes sense. What makes sense? Well, everything, of course. At least that was the feeling for the past 20 years. When you win that much -- both on and off the football field -- how else could we possibly look at life?

For Ramirez, he had bought the TB12 bands. He read the Brady book, "The TB12 Method" while also putting the accompanying list of recipes on order. We're talking about a book that came out 2 1/2 years ago and is still sitting at No. 247 in the ultra-competitive self-help book category. A lot of this stuff wasn't new to any fitness pro, like the ones the former Red Sox slugger had been guided by for years, but now Brady was the one putting his initials on the stuff. It immediately became cooler.

The products and messaging emanating from the TB12 brand is just part of the equation when it comes to how this quarterback changed so much for so many. Be honest, pliability only entered in the average American's lexicon after Brady started throwing it around. Electrolytes? Where do I get some of those? 

We know we most likely aren't going to see an on-field, on-court or on-ice phenomenon like Brady afforded us. But it should also be understood that we also won't witness another athlete who impacted life outside the stadiums and arenas like this guy.

Looking for a good name for your baby? How could you go wrong with "Brady" for a boy or girl.

Name ranking

Having a problem sleeping? Brady has got some pajamas for you.

Soda is "poison". No? Make Coca-Cola try to defend themselves against the great one. Good luck. Maybe strawberries will inflame the crap out those muscles. Or better yet, he will give us a story with the headline, "Tom Brady clarifies his stance on strawberries". Let us give you a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Brady via a well-produced video series. But, of course,  life wouldn't be complete without a trainer/friend/mentor like Alex Guerrero. Everyone athlete should have an Alex Guerrero! Scratch that. Every human should have an Alex Guerrero. That's how it felt.

Brady showed us how a weekly interview can be maneuvered in such a way that it made the listener feel like everything was in complete control even when so many times it was far from it. There hasn't been an athlete that so many relied on to sound the "All's Well!" super-siren every seven or so days like the weekly WEEI interview. He dodged. He weaved. He informed. He entertained. All the while making the fringiest of sports fans refreshing the internet for that first round of TB12 slippers.

Even the potential land-mine that comes with getting political Brady gave the blueprint. The young man whose golf outings with Donald Trump and locker hat placement was part of a seemingly innocuous friendship evolved into the wily public figure who quickly refused to talk about anything remotely related to the White House. This was not going to be Tim Thomas 2.0. Future image-conscious athletes ... you're welcome.

And of course, there was the use of that power to make us aware of a pretty powerful message when it came to what "Best Buddies" represented. A great guy doing great things for a great cause. It was the top tier of what an athlete can do when it comes to charitable awareness.

This isn't complicated. No athlete has made a fan base happier for a longer period of time than Brady.

Now we have a bunch of wooden cookbooks to remind us.