Travis Shaw on OMF: Baseball is 'coming very, very soon'

Rob Bradford
June 18, 2020 - 3:53 pm

When the news came out Monday afternoon that Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred had done an about-face from his prediction that a 2020 season was "100 percent going to take place -- going on ESPN to suggest he was not optimistic -- Travis Shaw had heard enough. 

The former Red Sox and current Blue Jays infielder took to Twitter to relay some of his frustrations.

Thursday he went on OMF to offer his latest take on whether or not there was going to be a 2020 season, with Shaw explaining that at this point he is expecting to suit up in the not-too-distant future.

"The whole situation is frustrating," he said. "It’s unfortunate how public this whole thing has become. I think everybody realizes that … at least I feel negotiations should be done behind closed doors and this whole situation has just not been that way. There have been leaks from both sides with it playing out very publicly. And the way the world is during this pandemic not a lot of people have sympathy for either side and I don’t expect them to. It’s an unfortunate state for baseball right now. It’s not looking good from the fans … Obviously we want to get back out there and play. It’s just really unfortunate just how public this thing has become.

"Last week I would have said not confident. Right now I’m about as close to 100 percent as I have been during this whole process. There will be baseball. I’m not sure the number of games. I know we just proposed another proposal. I’m not sure the total number of games it’s going to be but I’m very confident we will be back on the field shortly."

Shaw, who is with the Blue Jays for 2020 on a one-year contract, did admit that there was some "confusion" when the Major League Baseball Players Association decided to offer yet another counter-proposal Thursday after the players had been peppering social media with the message of "when and where."

The latest players association counter did come moments before Shaw's appearance on OMF, with the MLBPA asking to play 70 games instead of the 60 put forth by the owners Wednesday.

I agree with you. I’m a little confused, too," said Shaw when asked about the delay in returning after surfacing the unified message. "I’m still a little confused. That’s what we were asking for. There are a few minor details the players association are trying to work out in this new proposal. When they offered the 60 games and I heard we were going counter and go back to the bargaining table again, I myself was a little bit confused at that. But that’s why I’m not on the committee and I’m kind of getting a lot of my information off of Twitter, as well. It’s a little confusing, but like I said I think it’s coming very, very soon."

When it came to what the players were fighting for, Shaw did make a compelling case, pointing to the advantage the owners have when it comes to taking a short-term financial hit.

"If you have a really good career you have five to 10 years to make some money and that’s about it," he said. "The longevity of the game has definitely gone down, especially with the new era of baseball with analytics and older guys aren’t valued as much as they used to be. That’s why you see the players fighting so hard right now to try and get as much as they can because our longevity of our career is very short. We have a very short window to provide for our family and set yourself up for the rest of your life. The owners, they can afford to play the long game a little bit. One bad year might be a huge hit for them but realistically they have a lot more time to make up that damage than players do."