Greg M. Cooper/Eastern Bank

We now know what David Ortiz will be doing for Red Sox

Rob Bradford
September 12, 2017 - 6:45 pm

David Ortiz is officially back with the Red Sox.

Appearing at an event to announce his partnership with Eastern Bank Tuesday afternoon, Ortiz told that he and the Red Sox have agreed upon a role for the retired slugger.

"I'm going to be doing different things with the Red Sox," Ortiz said. "I'm going to be up in the front office. Doing some things like going seeing players. That's going to happen. At some point you're going to see more often around, things like spring training. Pretty much what the other guys normally do."

By "other guys" Ortiz went on to say that he was referencing the likes of Jason Varitek and Pedro Martinez, who have contributed in various roles with the Red Sox since their retirement.

So, was there any pull at any point since his retirement to return to the team as a player?

"No. I told you guys how it was going to be and it's been that way," Ortiz said. "Just because I look in shape and everything, don't let me fool you. I have haven't swung the bat since I retired."

Has he missed it?

"At the beginning, a little bit," he added. "But I've been so busy doing things here and there. I watch the game whenever I can. I've been doing things with the Red Sox. My life has stayed busy. It's still busy. Everything is going pretty good."

Ortiz acknowledged that this Red Sox club is dramatically different than the one he left behind, sitting with the fewest home runs of any American League club. That, he pointed out, should not diminish the Sox's odds of going deep in the postseason.

"As long as they win it's fine," he said. "We're looking for wins. Power comes with experience and the time. Pitching is ridiculous. I sit down to watch the game and I'm like, 'Man, these guys are nasty.' It's not as easy as people think it is. They've got a lot of nasty pitchers out there, throwing unbelievable stuff. It's hard. But as long as they're winning and the guys are walking home with a 'W' it doesn't matter.

"They 100 percent can win. I think the guys have a pretty good chance. Every team when you look around, it pretty much looks the same. You have a little bit more with one thing, and less with the other. Others have more of something and less of one thing. It looks pretty much even. You don't have that ball club that looks way better than the others. I think the competition is fair right now."