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What Pedro Martinez taught Nathan Eovaldi in their meeting

Rob Bradford
August 31, 2018 - 9:49 am

CHICAGO -- When Pedro Martinez swings into town people take notice. So when the Hall of Famer called Alex Cora and passed along that he wanted to work with Nathan Eovaldi, a normal side session became anything but ordinary.

"Anytime a Hall of Famer comes through and says he sees something or wants to talk to you, you listen," Eovaldi told "He said he was in town and wanted to come up and watch the side session. It was really cool, getting a chance to talk to him."

What did they talk about?

"We just talked a little bit about my landing foot," Eovaldi explained. "I was landing on my heel and he said I should land on my toes a little more. It’s something I hadn’t done. Nobody had talked to me anything about my landing foot before. He just thinks it will help the ball spin a little bit more, keeping it down in the zone."

The change, while subtle, is interesting, if for no other reason that it's something Eovaldi has never done before.

But when Pedro is talking, and you're on the kind of downturn Eovaldi finds himself heading into Friday's start, you listen and learn.

"By the time we figured it out it was already toward the end of my side. So we were kind of fighting with my time," the Red Sox starter said. "It’s just so different for me because I just I have always landed on my heel. It feels pretty good, but it’s always hard to take new things into a game."

Another change that will be noticeable when Eovaldi takes on the White Sox is how the Red Sox are positioned behind him.

Cora explained prior to Thursday night's game that the team wasn't happy with how their infield alignment had been shaking out with Eovaldi on the mound, leading to changes this time around.

"I think we’re going to make an adjustment defensively against lefties. We’re probably going to shift a little more," the Red Sox manager said. "When we talk about Blake playing third base when he started I told you guys there aren’t that many balls going that way. I think we’re going to make the adjustments now, shift against lefties and see where it goes. There are too many balls going by."